Robo-Focus Timing pulley and Timing belt MXL

26 de Juni, 2014 - Takahashi Epsilon 180 ED - Kommentar -

This is my new design to refine the focus below the 17.248µ microns according to my configuration for the Taka Epsilon 180 ED plus the Robo-focus, based on the Critical Focus Zone equation, CFS = fr squared x 2.2.

Taka Epsilon 180 ED have a f/2.8 squared x 2.2 = 17.248µ or 0.017248mm

The Robo-Focus unit coupled directly to the focuser shaft of the Epsilon 180, translates into approximately 25.400µ or 0.0254mm of drawtube motion.

So with this configuration I have a reduction of :1: 2.44, thus I have  0.00040µ or 0.00000040mm, now I can  work within the theoretical focus zone.


The pulleys and belts were purchased on line from ( for about 26 Euros included transport. Parts list as follows:


Timing pulley primary with flange: 18 MXL 025 (Robofocus motor).

Timing pulley secondary with flange: 44 MXL 025 (drawtube focuser).

Timing belt: 96 MXL 025 (96 means the total lenght belt in mm).

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