My name is Luis Romero Ventura, born on February 28, 1970 in a town called Cardedeu near the city of Barcelona.


My passion for the Astronomy woke up late, but I remember when I was young that I really liked to look the stars. My favorite constellation was Orion and is still one of my favorite areas, where you can admire amazing objects.


My foray into astronomy was from a trip that I did with my son to Andorra, there I bought my first binoculars and began to understand better the firmament, from that moment my life changed and took a turn in this direction, since 2010 I have not left any day of observing the night sky, neither naked eye, binoculars as well as telescopes.


The current equipment that I using for photograph deep sky objects and planetary are:


Mount: Losmandy G11 con Gemini II

Telescope: Takahashi Epsilon 180 (Apertura: 180mm ,Espejo secundario: 80mm, Obturación: 0,44, Longitud focal: 500mm, Relación focal: f/2.8, círculo de imagen: 44mm  de imagen a través del campo: 10 micras de distancia de nuevo Metal: 56mm). Peso del tubo: 10.7 kgs

Main Camera: Canon 5D Mark II, modificada.

Guiding telescope: EZG 60

CCD guiding: QHY5

CCD planetary: The Imaging Source DFK 21.AU618 

Processing software: Pixinsight